About Bagi Bike


Bagi Bike was the first of its kind to make commuter oriented e-bikes in Israel.  Beginning in 2004, Erez Ekstein the founder of Bagi Bike, originally started in e-scooters and over the years, Bagi Bike grew into one of Israel's top e-bike brands.

We now offer our world class e-bikes in the USA with dealers and warehouses throughout the country.
Our electric bikes use only the best quality motors combined with some of the most advanced software technology to date.  With over 15,000 E-bikes sold, Bagi Bike has always upgraded their models according to the customer's demand; unlike many other E-bikes who have a standard universal systems and software for easy repairs and upgrades.

Coming from an extensive background of technical experience in electronics and mechanics.  Our builders know exactly what components needed to produce the most reliable e-bikes for the money. 

Our idea is to move the E-bike revolution forward.  We strongly believe in clean energy and eco-friendly transportation.  Our E-bikes have little to no impact on the environment.  We love what we do, and we want you to love your Bagi Bike.


If you have any questions, we are happy to help.
Phone: 213-418-0030