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Motor + Wheel B10/20 Fat


20 inch magnesium rim with built in Bafang 48v 500 watt electric motor for Bagi Bike B10 and B20 fat tire electric bike. 20x4" tire not included. Bafang 48V/500W  

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Controller for B27 B26


Bagibike B27 B26 Controller  During dorder you will be required to enter a serial number of the bike. So we will send you the right Controller for your bike.

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Bagi Bike Battery for B16 - 36v 9.6ah Lithium Ion


Original factory replacement 36 volt 9.6 amp hour lithium ion battery using high quality LG 18650 cells. This battery is compatible with the Bagi Bike B16 Folding Electric Bicycle. Unique set of keys included. 5.5mm charge port, compatible with 42v...

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Lighting Switch


Lighting Switch Panel for BagiBike models B10 B20 B26 B27. Includes brake lighting. And Blinker lighting.

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